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If you are active with a good soul, smart, ready to accept a challenge and deliver yourself beyond limits in a work-friendly environment. We'd like to hear from you. We cater to our employees' needs as and when required. All we ask in return is loyalty to the company and service to our customers with a smile.

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How we started

WeClean is a family of people that started with an idea of bringing together a team full of experts in laundry operations, logistics, customer service and more. WeClean was born with the desire of providing excellent experience to our customers at the same time making the luxury of professional laundry and other cleaning services viable and affordable to families & individuals. As a team, the closer we looked, the more we saw that there’s a serious demand for a reliable service in the cleaning space. Our approach is to become your regular cleaner, so you can enjoy spending time on the things you love. Our services are designed keeping your daily Cleaning & Laundry needs in mind. Bringing tech & innovation to this industry helps us smoothen our operations & get organised not only for the customers to book an order, track & pay but also for us to manage laundry operations, logistics & customer service, being excellent in every department.

Our Core Values

Quality Results

Every respective department is trained to ensure top-notch quality is delivered on the backend, to enhance the customer experience in the most proficient way.

Learn & Be Curious

Being curious and asking relevant questions and finding solutions to every problem is the kind of behaviour we encourage here at WeClean.


Everyone is aware of what other teams are doing. When we applaud their efforts, acknowledge their work, encourage them in their pursuits & when we help & support one another, everybody wins.


Transparency among all departments is crucial as they are interdependent on each other and thus this transparency leads to great communication across all the levels of management.

Think Big - Out of the box thinking

Big thinking invites challenges. Widen your horizon, be creative and unconventional. It expands your personal capacity and confidence. No idea is small because it is the effort that matters.


Integrity is one human quality which we want all our employees to possess. It makes our employees trust each other, bond strongly and work towards a common objective to achieve organisational goals.


Laundry Executives – Pressman / Washerman
Laundry Manager


Laundry Executives – Pressman / Washerman

Laundry Manager


Logistics Manager

Logistics Supervisor

Delivery Executives

Human Resource

HR Manager

HR Executive

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Manager

Customer Service Executive


Accounts Manager

Executive Accountant


Sales Manager

Field Sales Executive


Store Executive

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